13" X 19" Sublimation Transfers

Length: 19 Inches; Width: 13 Inches


PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION. Make sure you understand what it is you are ordering before placing an order. If you have questions, please message me.

I print, you press!
Listing is for transfers only, not design work!
** SEND READY TO PRINT FILES ** PNG, PDF preferred. High resolution. I print at 300dpi.

Do you have a heat press and but don't want to mess with the hassle of printing your designs? Let me do the work for you!

I only price by the sheet, not by individual transfers.
Sheets are 13"x19" and you may gang up as many designs as you can fit on there for the same price.
I do not charge extra for multiple designs on one sheet. Fill up the 13 X 19 area however you want with the same or different designs, or just one big print. I can gang up designs for you if needed but will need exact dimensions for each image.

NO MINIMUMS. Whether you need one print or 1000, I can make it happen.

After purchasing, send your hi resolution image(s), graphics, or photographs to me, and I'll get to printing your dye sublimation transfer. You can convo me and attach the files there, or I will give you my email address to send them to.

*** HEAT PRESS IS REQUIRED for sublimation. The temperature, pressure and time needed varies per material, and cannot be done with a home iron or cricut hand held press.

*** No, you cannot sublimate directly on black tshirts.

*** Please note, there is NO WHITE INK in sublimation. Any white parts of a design or photo will not print, and will simply be the color of the shirt ***

*** Sublimation is for white or light colored fabrics with at least 50% polyester. I print my own designs mostly on triblends and shirts that are 65% poly.

*** No I will not copy someone else's designs and make transfers for you. That is copyright infringement. If you do not design your own images, purchase from those who sell them with a license that allows you to print them! ***

Due to the nature of custom printings there are NO RETURNS or exchanges on this item.

***tshirt and other polyester fabrics press 385-400F for 45-60 seconds. Settings will vary based on material and your press.
***for all other materials check with manufacturer

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