Customization Services We Offer

We offer three types of customization options:

Heat Transfer Vinyl, Sublimation and, Screen Printed Transfers.

 With Heat Transfer Vinyl Customization, we are applying industry standard vinyl to the garment or accessory using the heat press is used. Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV comes in solid colors, patterns and Glitter making it possible to meet your decoration needs. This option can be used to fulfill single and bulk orders.

Sublimation makes it possible to print full color graphics on polyester, polyester coated substances and in some instances on cotton by using vinyl that's compatible with the sublimation process. Sublimation is versatile but can be limited in its customization ability. This option can also be used to fulfill single and bulk orders.

For most bulk orders involving cotton shirts, screen printed transfers are the way to go because they are cheaper. We do not offer this option for single orders.