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sublimation transfers

Sublimation Transfers

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Length: 19 Inches; Width: 13 Inches


PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION. Make sure you understand what it is you are ordering before placing an order. If you have questions, please message me.

I print, you press!
Listing is for transfers only, not design work!
** UPLOAD READY TO PRINT FILES ** PNG, PDF. High resolution. I print at 300dpi.

Do you have a heat press and but don't want to mess with the hassle of printing your designs? Let me do the work for you!

I only price by the sheet, not by individual transfers.
Sheets are 13" X 19" and you may gang up as many designs as you can fit on there for the same price.
I do not charge extra for multiple designs on one sheet. Fill up the 13" X 19" area however you want with the same or different designs, or just one big print. I can gang up designs for you if needed but will need exact dimensions for each image.

NO MINIMUMS. Whether you need one print or 1000, I can make it happen.

*** HEAT PRESS IS REQUIRED for sublimation. The temperature, pressure and time needed varies per material, and cannot be done with a home iron or cricut hand held press.

*** No, you cannot sublimate directly on black tshirts.

*** Please note, there is NO WHITE INK in sublimation. Any white parts of a design or photo will not print, and will simply be the color of the shirt ***

*** Sublimation is for white or light colored fabrics with at least 50% polyester. I print my own designs mostly on triblends and shirts that are 65% poly. If you need recommendations, please message me!***

*** No I will not copy someone else's designs and make transfers for you. That is copyright infringement. If you do not design your own images, purchase from those who sell them with a license that allows you to print them! ***

Due to the nature of custom printings there are NO RETURNS or exchanges on this item.

***tshirt and other polyester fabrics press 385-400F for 45-60 seconds. Settings will vary based on material and your press.
***for all other materials check with manufacturer